Dekalb White

Perfect layers for a changing market

The Dekalb White is ideally suited to the rapidly changing U.S. market, with a growing demand for cage-free systems. Dekalb White birds are easy to manage in a cage-free environment and produce a high number of first-class quality eggs. As well as outstanding laying capabilities, our Dekalb White thrives in any system. With excellent livability and nest behavior, the breed is social and shows less stress and feather pecking behaviors, which are particularly important factors in cage-free systems. 

For producers looking to transition to a cage-free system, they will need the right product and resources to make the change smooth and successful. Efficient, docile, and capable of laying up to 500 eggs in its lifetime, the Dekalb is a perfect fit for the modern farmer.

  • Highly productive & excellent feed conversion
  • Outstanding livability and good behavior
  • Successful in every housing system
  • Great persistency
  • Superb shell quality