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Hendrix-ISA is the dedicated U.S. distributor of trusted layer brands: Dekalb White, Shaver White, ISA Brown and Bovans Brown. Through hard work and dedication, we are able to deliver the best quality day-old chicks to our customers across the United States. At Hendrix-ISA we are service oriented, and our team of industry experts is there to support you to through every phase of production and to help you reach the next level in egg production. Whether it is cage or cage-free housing, our dedicated team is there for you, together with you they can advise the breed that fits best to your market needs and housing system. Animal welfare is at the core of our business, all birds under our supervision fall under the highest standards of animal welfare, closely monitored by the international animal welfare audit team of Hendrix Genetics. As part of Hendrix Genetics, the leading multi-species breeding organization, we are not only able to meet to the needs of today's egg producers, but we are also able to guarantee security of supply and offer a global perspective. 

Our breeding program

The key to our success is the extended laying cycle adopted in our breeding program. With this approach our laying hens lay more top quality eggs for an extended period, leading to: 

  • Robust laying hens: stronger and happier chickens
  • Outstanding livability: hens stay in good shape and maintain the best egg laying persistency
  • Prolonged laying cycles: resulting in less frequent replacements
  • In total: more sustainable egg production
  • As a result: higher earnings for egg producers

This sustainable strategy benefits the welfare of the hens, the income of egg producers, and the environment. We are committed to delivering better breeding today, for a brighter life tomorrow.

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We are committed to investing in the U.S. layer industry by operating world class facilities. All our production bases are built with high efficiency and the highest biosecurity in mind. During the past decade we have invested heavily in the construction of a new hatchery in Nebraska, and the renovation of our hatcheries in Pennsylvania and Virginia.

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