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About Hendrix-ISA LLC

Hendrix-ISA distributes day-old chicks directly from the global leader in today’s layer genetics, Hendrix Genetics. We focus on serving the U.S. market with our team of poultry specialists, high quality products suited for the market, and our world-class facilities.

High quality customer service and chick quality lies at the core of our day to day activities. We have a committed team of staff with a wealth of technical and commercial experience. Not only do we focus on serving the U.S. market, but as part of Hendrix Genetics, we can offer a global perspective.

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Our Products

Hendrix-ISA offers high quality egg layers focused on the requirements of the modern U.S. farmer. Feed conversion, livability, shell strength and shell color are some of the specially selected traits for our diverse product portfolio. We provide our customers with high performance birds that are healthy and easy to manage. For every segment we offer a perfect match.

Latest News

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As members of the egg industry, we're proud to take one day to celebrate the power of the egg: World Egg Day 2018.

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Dakota Layers achieves the "500 egg" milestone

How do you reach unprecedented egg laying performance? Jason Ramsdell from Dakota Layers chalks it up to good products, the right environment, a great team, and a love for your work.