Surcharge/Cancellation Policy

Further to the General Conditions of Sale and Delivery this Grain Surcharge Policy (the “Policy”) addresses the application of grain surcharges on Goods (including day-old chicks) purchased from Hendrix-ISA LLC. To keep its chick prices as low as possible, Hendrix-ISA LLC’s standard pricing does not include extra margins to factor in high commodity prices which occur from time to time. When corn and soymeal prices rise over certain levels, Hendrix ISA LLC’s cost base is significantly affected. As a result, when corn exceeds $4.00 per bushel on the Chicago Board of Trade (“CBOT”) or soybean meal exceeds $320 per ton on the CBOT (each a “Trigger Price”), Hendrix ISA LLC applies a grain surcharge to its per chick prices to recoup its costs. Surcharge pricing is based on the daily CBOT closing average for the respective commodity and for the period of the month prior to chick orders. The tables, provided in the Grain Surcharge download below, outline the specific per chick surcharges which will apply to orders of chicks for as long as the commodity remains over the Trigger Prices noted above:


For more information, please download the General conditions of sale and delivery.