Dekalb White

Perfect laying hens for a changing market

The Dekalb White chickens are efficient, docile, and capable of laying up to 500 eggs in 100 weeks. As in several parts of the world the egg industry transitions from cage housing systems to cage free and free range housing systems, the Dekalb White is the perfect match for this ongoing evolution.

Adaptable and docile, the Dekalb White laying hens are the right choice for extended production cycles, superb persistency, and the Dekalb Whites are able to thrive in alternative housing systems. The Dekalb’s high number of first quality eggs are suitable for table egg or processing purposes. Because of its good temperament and docile behavior, management under today’s animal welfare standards is easy. The Dekalb White is globally recognized for her premium livability, even with intact beaks. the Dekalb Whites' good nest laying behavior is seen in all cage-free housing systems. Dekalb White, the preferred chicken breed when you are looking for premium performance! 

The Dekalb White today:

  • Highly productive & excellent feed conversion
  • Outstanding livability and good behavior
  • Successful in every housing system
  • Great persistency
  • Superb shell quality

Dekalb White 024 HG 612 3709.jpg