ISA Brown

Efficient and profitable

The ISA Brown has proven more than 40 years of excellent performance as the best brown laying hen in the world. The ISA Brown is well known and globally recognized for its strong and reliable results, also renowned as the Global super star in performance. Extensive field testing with the ISA Brown shows that the ISA Brown has exceptional feed conversion and is capable of laying up to 500 first quality eggs. The ISA Brown laying hens are able to adapt well to different climates, poultry management styles and housing systems. Decades of intensive selection have resulted in very good livability whilst maintaining excellent persistency in egg production. All this combined with an excellent feed conversion ratio results in reliable performance for commercial egg producers when they are working with the ISA Brown laying hens.

The ISA Brown today:

  • A reliable and economic winner
  • Proven worldwide
  • High production and excellent persistency
  • Market leader in egg numbers

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