Happy World Egg Day 2023

Published on Oct. 11, 2023

Happy World Egg Day 2023

Greetings to all the dedicated individuals contributing to the global egg industry! As we gather to commemorate this year’s World Egg Day, the resounding theme “Eggs for a Healthy Future” beckons us to delve into the astounding health benefits eggs bring to the table. It’s a celebration of not just the delectable delight an egg embodies, but also the pivotal role it plays in addressing prevalent nutrient deficiencies that persist across the world.

Intriguingly, the egg, a true marvel of versatility, encapsulates a symphony of 13 essential nutrients within its humble shell. This nutrient powerhouse isn’t just about its delectable taste; it’s about delivering a wholesome punch of nutrition in every bite. The global challenge of nutrient deficiencies finds a potential ally in eggs, as they encompass a variety of essential nutrients and vitamins crucial for holistic well-being.

When we cast our glance across the nutritional landscape, it becomes evident that iron and vitamins D, A, and B12 deficiencies are alarmingly prevalent. Yet, lo and behold, these very nutrients that the world seeks are present within the heart of an egg. This fact alone underscores the pivotal role that eggs can play in turning the tide against these deficiencies. Imagine a world where a simple dietary addition could help combat not just nutrient inadequacies, but also the associated health concerns that plague millions.

The nutritional constituents within eggs are often underestimated and under-consumed. These nutrients are not mere additives to our diet; they are essential components that optimize our bodily functions, ensuring peak performance while staving off serious health issues. Consider the far-reaching impacts of eggs: from supporting the immune system with their nutrient density to fostering physical growth and even nurturing the development of young minds. The bioavailability of the nutrients within eggs makes them a compelling candidate to directly enhance global health outcomes.

Moving beyond their nutritional prowess, eggs claim their spot as a perfect protein source. Comprising all nine essential amino acids, eggs are what one might call a “complete” protein. The exquisite balance and arrangement of amino acids in eggs align seamlessly with the body’s demands, making them a harmonious match for our nutritional needs. The quality of protein present in eggs is truly unparalleled, standing as a testament to their nutritional superiority.

The role of eggs in building muscle, satiating hunger, and bolstering the immune system is truly noteworthy. It’s not just about the immediate nourishment; it’s about the comprehensive wellness that eggs can usher in. By embracing eggs as a dietary cornerstone, we pave the way for a future where the inherent benefits of this remarkable protein source are harnessed to their fullest potential.

Eggs, beyond being a nutritional wonder, extend their embrace across all stages of life. From the vigor of teenage years to the nurturing of expectant mothers, from aiding the growth of infants to supporting the well-being of the elderly, eggs remain a constant companion on the journey of life. Their remarkable versatility further amplifies their value. Whether they’re whisked into a hearty breakfast, folded into a satisfying lunch, or featured as the star of a gourmet dinner, eggs effortlessly weave their way into the tapestry of our daily lives.

In closing, as we join hands across the global egg industry, let us celebrate the incredible journey of the egg - from a farm to our tables, and ultimately, to a healthier future for all. The nutritional bounty of eggs is an ally we can’t afford to overlook.

" Let us cherish their role in combating nutrient deficiencies, promoting well-being, and ultimately contributing to a world where health thrives and the potential for a brighter, healthier tomorrow is nourished by the incredible egg."

Nutrient Per
100 g Whole Raw Egg
Medium Egg* 58 g
% Recommendation** per Serving (2 eggs)
Energy kcal 131 66 7
Protein g 12.6 6.4 26
Carbohydrate g Traces Traces Traces
Fat g 9 4.6 13
Saturated fat g 2.52 1.3 13
Monounsaturated fat
3.44 1.7 -
Cholesterol mg 350 177 -
Vitamin A μg 126 64 16
Vitamin D μg 3.2 1.6 64
Riboflavin mg 0.5 0.25 10
Folate μg 47 24 24
Vitamin B12 μg 2.7 1.4 112
Choline mg 285 144 72
Biotin μg 19.5 9.9 40
Phosphorus mg 179 91 26
Iron mg 1.72 0.9 13
Zinc mg 1.1 0.6 12
Iodine μg 50 25 33
Selenium μg 23 12 44
Pantothenic acid mg 1.35 0.7 12

*Refers to the edible portion of an average medium egg

**Refers to % EU Reference Intake for macronutrients and % Nutrient Reference Value for micronutrients Citation: Myers, M.; Ruxton, C.H.S., Eggs: Healthy or Risky? A Review of Evidence from High Quality Studies on Hen’s Eggs. Nutrients 2023, 15, 2657. https://doi.org/10.3390/ nu15122657

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